if you self diagnose yourself as being autistic and having aspergers or having any other type of disablitiy i will literally gun you down and tear your stomach out because you have no fucking clue what it’s like to live with those types of…

The only people I’ve ever seen make an argument against self dx-ing were white people who have had the money and means to get a diagnosis.

So OP can fuck right off. Do you know how many black autistic people I’ve known who have been misdiagnosed and treated/institutionalized for having other dev/emotional disorders? Do you know how many of them have self diagnosed them selves as autistic and that was the catalyst to them being treated correctly?

Do you know how many are sitting in jail right now because they don’t have access to the shit you have had access to? Shut the entire fuck up.



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Sonia never judged. Everyone in Hunts Point, the families going to church, the men running from something, the guys across the street selling car parts and whatever else, the addicts, the broken, the homeless, the cops, were treated the same. With a smile, with a “hello…


I know some of us were taking the other day about some cheaper makeup alternatives for brown and dark skinned girls. Things are getting a little better, but I still think I’m a bit too light for most of these shades that are liquid (I like liquid best). But change is coming!